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Toyota Lean Academy

At Toyota we are proud to be the original source of lean-thinking. Lean as a philosophy has emerged over recent decades and is now successfully established and implemented all over the world in all branches of industry. However, the origins of lean are based entirely on the Toyota Production System (TPS), which was developed by Taiichi Ohno in the 1950s.

The main questions that usually arise when starting to plan your lean transformation are: How should I do this? Where do I start? Who can help me with the implementation? We aim to answer these questions by providing a lean partnership that has the benefit of hands-on experience in lean transformation.

Our Lean Academy team has a broad experience in terms of both lean application and lean leadership, all of which we have built up in our own factories and through our own experiences. We can therefore provide full support and guidance for your lean journey, whether you are just starting out or if your journey has been going on for many years. We welcome you to learn lean from the source!

Who we are

Get advice and support directly from Toyota

Toyota is the world-recognized origin of lean-thinking, built on the foundation of the Toyota Production System. At Toyota we put a lot of emphasis on the foundational elements. Visual management, 5S and daily management are the methods that shape a company's culture and prepare it for lean transformation. Not only do we focus on optimising the flow, but we prioritise people and their skill development, as they are key to drive change and optimise processes. We also dig deep into the leadership behaviour of the company as we know that support and involvement from the top down is the key to ensuring lean transformation results that will stand the test of time.

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How we build the lean project with you

Lean assessment

The lean journey starting point is to get your current situation reviewed by someone who has seen the lean journey themselves. Together we go the source and analyse your flow, leadership and people.

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Lean advisory

Selected members of the Lean Academy have extensive hands-on lean leadership experience from inside Toyota and have personally been involved in the lean transformation journey of the European factories’ integration.

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Jishuken project

We use the legendary Jishuken method as a model to improve a specific process or problem, which will accelerate your lean process performance.

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Lean training

We offer lean methods and tools in open trainings, hosted by our European network, but we can also tailor training focusing on your company's specific needs.

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Lean transformation

Our lean transformation programmes come with a roadmap to help you with the implementation by focusing on your flow, management and processes.

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Investment planning

The Lean Academy’s investment planning service provides expert advice and assessment to ensure that lean principles are established and maintained as part of the investment and implementation programme.

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Toyota Lean Academy Programme

The Toyota Lean Academy programme takes you through each module in a sequence, giving you to the time to dive into every area. Which is ideal for when you're in the beginning of your lean journey or simply want to experience all aspects of lean.

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Exclusive Lean master class

Unique opportunity to learn from Toyota TPS sensei Sam Nomura

In this tour of master classes Sam Nomura will explain how Toyota implemented the Toyota Production System in Europe and succeeded in making operations lean. The course takes a deep dive into the Nomura method and describes the best practices in detail, with a focus on improving quality. This master class is aimed for managers and professionals with basic lean knowledge.

Want to know how Toyota increased its quality performance with more than 80%? Sign up for this exclusive opportunity.

  • Dates: 12th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 20th & 22nd October 2020 (New dates! Moved from March to October.)
  • Locations: Germany, France, Italy and Sweden
  • Speaker: Sam Nomura, TPS sensei
  • Language: English
  • Price: 695€

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Recommended readings

Meet the team

Toyota Lean Academy advisors

Toyota Lean Academy team members are all highly experienced professionals with a deep understanding of lean principles, to bring real value to customer operations.

Come and meet us

We think lean manufacturing every day

Toyota's Lean Academy is built on a Europe-wide network of experts, all of whom have been working closely with Toyota's lean operations for several years. 

Depending on your requirements the team delivers valuable support, ranging from lean assessment and training, through to complete lean transformation programmes.


We help and guide you in your lean journey, whether you just started or have been continuously improving for decades.

We want to share our knowledge with our customers by attending or hosting events all over Europe.

We are hosting our own events on a regular basis. Check out our event list for the upcoming events. Join and book a meeting with us at any of the events by filling out a form. 

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