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Accessories for every need

Accessories from Toyota

Optimise your operations and get the most out of your material handling equipment with accessories for every part of your business’ logistics.

Meeting every need

Get the most out of your operations with a wide range of accessories. Whether it’s add-ons for the interior or exterior of your forklift, or battery accessories to maximise your energy efficiency. To invest in the safety of your drivers, or equip your warehouse for the right season: everything is possible.

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Guaranteeing quality

Just like the rest of our range, accessories from Toyota are developed according to the Toyota quality standard. So you can rest assured all accessories fit well with your material handling equipment, bringing it to a next level of efficiency and safety.

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Just one click away

All accessories are available in our online shop. You can easily browse the different categories to select the accessories that fit your need, and have them sent directly to you. If you need some support to facilitate your purchase, our team will be happy to help you.

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